The Rules of Dose

The (stated) aim of game is rid your cards.

  1. Shuffle the deck.
  2. Deal 32 cards among all players (e.g. 10 each for three player games, 4 for eight, etc.).
  3. Reveal the top card from remaining deck.
  4. The happiest player begins, play continues clockwise.
  5. Players may legally play cards the same color as most recently played card OR multicolored cards (which are wild), including the cards with paintbrushes on them (which state their color, as can be seen here).
  6. If player has no card to play, that player must draw two cards and skip his or her turn.
  7. When player has only two cards left, that player must say “Dose” before anybody notices or else draw two cards and drink.
  8. First person to play all cards from hand wins. Everyone else finishes their drink.


  • Drinks are able to stack. So, for example, if male player is Friends with another male player and the Man card is played, each player drinks once for being male and once because of friend card.
  • (If play results in infinite loop of drinking or drawing cards, the loop is ignored after every player takes drink.)

We take alcohol restrictions, whether by choice, custom, or unbreakable seriously. If you not drink for some reason, here few options to give you Placebo Dose:

  • • Replace ‘drink’ with ‘strip,’ ‘punch,’ ‘pay $1,’ or ‘inject.’
    • Give each of your drinks to your neighbor’s cat.
    • Choose designated drinker each time you must drink. You have now made new enemy.
    • Take out of cards that reference drinking and go to bed.
    or, as last resort:
    • Use non-alcoholic beverage, like hot sauce.

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