Future Games

We’re actively at work developing further games. Here are the two that are furthest along:

Zerø: Gambling with Game Theory

Cooperate, coopt, and manipulate the other players in order to get the most chips.

Use decision chips to bet and make vital decisions. But wait! some games might require you to make decisions for which you don’t have chips! Or perhaps you can pretend to not have chips in order to win games…

Have the most chips when the Pile is distributed to win the game!

Download the Print & Play and tell us what you think!

LUCA: From Elements to Evolution

LUCA is a game where players race to create life from its basic six elements (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur, or CHONPS). LUCA is based on the hypothesized Last Universal Common Ancestor of all life on Earth and is as scientifically accurate as any game can be. (Trust us, one of us has published several academic articles on this. 🙂

On a turn, players may gather elements, trade them for cards worth elements, or play cards that they’ve gathered.

Download the Print & Play and tell us what you think!