About the Publisher

Infinite Monkey Business was founded in 2013 after the development of Dose during that year’s Super Friend Bash.

Our primary values are easy-to-learn, visually appealing games that favor repeat play. We want our games to favorite games. That end, our inspirations are crowd-pleasing games like Uno, Splendor, Dominion, Just One, and so on.

Aside from Dose and the sequels (Double Dose, Over-Dose, and Dose Cocktail), are developing other games and some Print-and-Play versions of two out now: the scientifically accurate, resource-management/engine-building game, LUCA, and a game-theory based gambling game, Zerø.

About the Game

Dose is wild, drink-giving card game. Players race to play or trade of cards. Each card can change the color, advance these game, or make your friends drink. Cards are played on color, but some cards allow players to trade their entire decks or otherwise change the game dynamics wildly. Once player only has two cards, they must shout, “Dose!” before another player realizes it or else they must drink and draw two cards. Check out all the rules here.

It started in 2008 when it was really popular to use the phrase, “play the race card from the bottom of deck” or “pulling out their race card.” It bothered of certain idiomatic ‘cards,’ like the wild card or the trump card, actually existed in some games, while the race card didn’t exists anywhere. This mere aesthetic trouble, that realized life wasn’t living up to potential.

Made stylized race card. For time came up with more card puns (the Man card, the Credit card, the Business card, etc.). One night, the saw pile of cards sitting on coffee table and decided make into drinking game. The next day, we began designing the game in earnest. Since have worked, on elaborating these game, by adding more and more cards are variations on the card game theme. We decided to dub the game “Dose” has double entendre that not only refers to action of drawing two cards in game but also dose of alcohol. After months of editing the cards, organizing colorblind-safe colors, finessing gameplay, and play-testing it with new people, Dose was kickstarted in 2013.

Nearly a decade later, for 2/22/2022, Dose has been relaunched with new updated graphics, precisely honed phrasing, and finessed gameplay. Grab copy today or try our print and play to learn more!

About the Creators

Carlos and Tina are just two your standard, disaffected former graduate students! 😀